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About Excel Cell Phones

Introduction Page

Welcome to Excel Cell Phones; as one of the largest wholesalers of mobile phones and cell phone accessories we strive to provide a focus on meeting the needs of our customers with our extensive mobile phone lineup.

At Excel Cell Phones we hold over a decade of experience in successfully meeting our customer’s needs for wholesale mobile phones, refurbished cell phones and the latest in new cell phones, and well as meeting all needs for flashed phones and unlocked phones.

Excel Cell Phones is your one-stop-shop for cell phones, cell phone accessories and more – allow us to meet your needs!


Are You Looking For Wholesale Prices Or Looking For Retail Or Wholesale Quantities For Cell Phones Or Cell Phone Accessories?
Excel Cell Phones can offer you the best in retail or wholesale cell phones; from the latest in new cell phones, to refurbished cell phones and even unlocked iPhones, we have what you are looking for.



Did you know Excel Cell Phones is one of the largest retailer and wholesaler of Flashed Cricket Phones and Flashed Metro PCS Phones in the United United States and Canada. We always carry a huge inventory of Cricket flashed cell phones and Metro PCS flashed cell phones in our warehouse. We are able to ship Cricket and Metro Flashed Phones to our customers at a very short notice.


Unlocked Phones
An unlocked GSM phone is one that can be readily used on any GSM network. As one of the largest retailer and wholesalers of mobile phones we offer an extensive product line of unlocked phones. Are you looking for an unlocked Nokia mobile phone? Or are you perhaps searching for the latest offering by Motorola? We carry a large selection of name brand mobile phones; if you are in the market for a specific unlocked phone, drop us a line and allow us to locate it for you!


If you own a phone that is locked to your GSM network we can also unlock it for you so that you can freely switch between GSM providers. Do you own an iPhone? Are you looking to get it unlocked? Our professional services will provide you with an unlocked iPhone at a budget-friendly price!

Cell Phone Accessories
At Excell Cell Phones we carry all of the major brand names in mobile phones! Are you looking for replacement cell phone batteries? Or are you looking for a Bluetooth device that is compatible with your mobile phones? Browse our lineup of cell phone accessories, we are sure to have what you are looking for!

Refurbished Cell Phones
We stand behind the quality of the products that we sell, our refurbished cell phones are restored to factory conditions and are certain to provide you with the features that you are looking for. Don’t forget to purchase additional cell phone accessories for your refurbished cell phone!


Expedited Order Processing
At Excell Cell Phones we strive to ensure that your orders of cell phones and cell phone accessories reach your hands as quickly as possible. We make every effort to ship your order out on the same day that you place it. If it is not possible to ship your products out on the day that you order them we will ensure that you are aware and informed of the process every step of the way!


At Excell Cell Phones we possess the knowledge, the experience, and the willingness to help meet your unique mobile phone requirements. Allow our efficient staff to guide you in the right direction and ensure your complete satisfaction!