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Refurbished Cell Phones

Refurbished Cell Phones

What are Refurbished Cell Phones


Understanding where refurbished cell phones originate from can help you make the decision to purchase a reconditioned mobile phone in lieu of a brand new much more expensive version!
With the average amount of time that a cell phone user owns a phone being two years, there is an overwhelming number of pre-owned phones that are still in excellent usable condition. Cellular carriers frequently offer their customers incentives to renew their contracts by way of offering them great deals on an upgrade to a newer cell phone. So while their customers upgrade to a newer phone with all the latest offerings in technology, they also often hand over their previous phone for recycling.

The phones that are in excellent shape are then refurbished by the carriers to like-new condition and in turn, the refurbished mobile phones are offered deeply discounted to customers in the market for a replacement phone. Additionally, if phones are purchased brand new by a user and returned, even within two weeks, they can no longer be legally sold as new phones – they must, instead, be sold as refurbished cell phones.

There are several reasons that buying reconditioned cell phones makes sense to a consumer in the market for a cell phone.

1. Affordability is the best reason to steer towards refurbished mobile phones; purchasing one that is refurbished gives you the chance to get still-current technology, whether you are shopping for refurbished GSM phones or refurbished CDMA phones, while saving a significant amount of money.

2. Each phone that is recycled back into circulation is one less phone that sits in a landfill; a reconditioned mobile phone is a great way to “Go Green” while still getting a great phone with all of the features you're looking for.

3. Refurbished cell phones can be purchased without the need to sign a contract.
4. Refurbished unlocked phones can provide you with the technology you want and the freedom to use it on the mobile network of your choice.


The Refurbishing Process

When mobile phones are reconditioned the process is much the same for both refurbished GSM phones and refurbished CDMA phones.
1. The reconditioned cell phones are reset back to the original factory standards; effectively removing any data from the prior users.

2. The refurbished unlocked phones will be fully tested to ensure that they are completely fully functional.

3. Your reconditioned cell phones are given a 90-day warranty; this warranty can give you great peace of mind; when dealing with what is, essentially a used product.

While refurbished cell phones are fully tested to ensure full functionality on all of their features before you purchase them, you need to bear in mind that the phone you are buying is still a pre-owned product, with possible age-related issues.

Whether for use on a prepaid account or simply as a more affordable way to upgrade an existing phone without the need to renew a contract, refurbished cell phones are a great option for anyone in the market for a cell phone; just be an aware and informed consumer in order to protect your investment.