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ExcelCellPhones.Com does not offer a warranty on the products that we sell; however, we do offer a 14 day limited return or exchange policy. For more information, please see our return policy.


Unlocked and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Mobile Phones
If you purchase an unlocked mobile phone, you may find that it carries an international warranty that will require you to contact the overseas technical support for your phone’s manufacturer in order to get your product repaired.



The Manufacturer’s Warranty
Every product sold by ExcelCellPhones.Com is sold with a one year manufacturer’s warranty that is effective from the date of the purchase. The warranty offered by the manufacturer will cover the repair and the replacement of parts that are determined to be defective.


Conditions Of The Manufacturer’s Warranty
Please note that the warranty for your specific product may differ, be sure to check all of the materials and documentation that accompany your mobile phone.

-        The warranty offered by the manufacturer will become null and void if the serial numbers or IMEI on the mobile phone have been altered or otherwise made illegible.

-        The manufacturer will reserve the right to refuse a free warranty service repair if any of the requested and required documentation is illegible, or incompatible with their records.

-        Repair of your product may include the replacement of parts with new or refurbished parts that have been fully tested and deemed fully functional.

-        Parts that have been replaced are warranted for the remainder of the original warranty period of time.

-        The term of the warranty will not be extended by the manufacturer, under any circumstances.


Understanding What Is Not Covered By The Manufacturer’s Warranty
Your manufacturer’s warranty will become invalid if the defects of the phone are deemed to be due to damage, user misuse, user tampering or overall lack of care for the product. The warranty will become null and void if repairs or additions to the product are carried out by persons who are unauthorized to do so.

For example:

-        Damage that has resulted from using the product in a manner other than the manner for which it was designed.

-        Damage that arises from the overall misuse, or neglect of the product.

-        Damage that has resulted from the improper installation of unauthorized software applications, or any type of modification to the product.

-        Defects or damage as a result of exposure to liquid or food products.

-        Damage as a result of the disassembly or repair of the product by someone other than the manufacturer.

-        Damage to external surfaces that is a direct result of normal wear and tear to the product.


Protect Your Data
Before submitting your product in to the manufacturer for a warranty repair service, be sure that you make a copy of all of the data that you generally carry on your product – including your contact lists, emails, and other user information. During the course of your product repair it may become necessary to delete the information.

It is important to note that customizable information like ring tones, games, and photographs may also be deleted as a normal part of the repair process.


Please note that ExcelCellPhones.Com cannot be held responsible for any loss of data that incurs during the repair of your product. 


 Out Of Warranty Products

If your product is deemed to be out of warranty and requires repairs, ExcelCellPhones.Com can offer you a repair service at your personal expense; please note that the cost of the repair will be quoted once the problems have diagnosed. Repairs offered by ExcelCellPhones.Com will be guaranteed for 90 days against defects in the workmanship and the materials used. The customer will be responsible for any shipping charges that may incur during the repair process.


Repairs On International Phones
If your product is still covered for repair under the manufacturer’s warranty but requires you to send your mobile phone overseas, for up to six weeks, ExcelCellPhones.Com can help to facilitate the repair process for you in one of two manners:
- ExcelCellPhones.Com can help to facilitate the international shipping process for you, for a fee. Please note that ExcelCellPhones.Com cannot be held responsible for the workmanship done by the manufacturer.
- ExcelCellPhones.Com can offer our customer’s a repair service through our repair center; please note that the cost of the repairs will vary based upon the severity of the problem.

o      The customer will be responsible for the cost of freight – both ways – on non-warranty and warranty repairs.

o      ExcelCellPhones.Com is not liable for any damage that is incurred during the shipment process; consider insuring the shipment to cover the potential of shipping damage.

o      The general turn-around target for repair on products is fifteen working days; for more complex repairs the turn-around time may be extended. One of our skilled customer service representatives will contact you should there be a delay with the repair.


At ExcelCellPhones.Com we are committed to ensuring your complete satisfaction; please let us know how we can best serve your warranty repair needs!