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What Is A Flashed Phone

What Is A Flashed Phone

What Is a Flashed Cell Phone?


Unlike a GSM mobile phone that can be unlocked via a simple unlock code process to make it run compatibly on any GSM network; CDMA cell phones need a slightly more involved reprogramming process to free them for use on any available CDMA network. In North America there are several carriers who operate on CDMA networks, Sprint, Cricket, Verizon, and Metro PCS. A CDMA phone differs from a GSM phone in that it does not contain a SIM card.


Before you can completely understand what the term flashed cell phones refers to, it is important that you understand a little bit about the firmware in your phone.

The firmware inside of a phone is a permanent piece of software code that cannot be altered without the flashing process; think of firmware as something between software and hardware. Hardware is permanent and cannot be altered to become something else completely, while software can generally be altered at any point in time. Firmware makes use of memory chips that can hold permanent data, like your phone’s operating system and your contact database, even when the phone is turned off. It can also, however, be altered at any point in time using the correct reprogramming processes: like Flashing.


Flashing Explained
The term “flashing” refers to the process by which the firmware inside of a CDMA mobile phone is rewritten so that a phone that was previously only useable on Verizon or Sprint network can now be used on Metro PCS or Cricket networks, for example. By connecting your CDMA phone to a computer with flashing software installed on it, the process can begin. It is important to note that unless you posses the correct flashing software, the correct new firmware, and an understanding of various troubleshooting steps, it is not advisable that you attempt to flash your phone on your own. It is all too easy to make a mistake that will render your mobile phone completely useless.


Cricket Flashed Phones
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Metro PCS Flashed Phones
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Your CDMA Phone
Do you already own a CDMA cell phone that you are looking to convert for use on Cricket or Metro PCS’s networks? Allow us to update your mobile phone’s firmware by flashing your phone in order to make it compatible for use on their networks.

Whether you are looking to convert your current CDMA cell phone into a Metro PCS flashed phone or into a Cricket flashed phone, we will be able to meet your needs for your  flashed cell phones.

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