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What Is An Unlocked Phone

What Is An Unlocked Phone

What Is An Unlocked Cell Phone

When a phone is “network locked” or “SIM locked” that means that the phone has been programmed by the manufacturer, in accordance to a contract with a specific network carrier, to only function on one particular GSM network. In North America the major GSM providers are T-Mobile and AT&T; Sprint and Verizon operate on a different mobile network, known as a CDMA network.
By unlocking a GSM cell phone, the phone is reprogrammed so that it can become fully functional on any GSM network that the user opts to use.

Your SIM Card Explained
The SIM card in your mobile phone is the small removable card, generally located in the back of your phone under the battery; the SIM contains information specific to your network to identify you on the network. In addition to linking your phone to your network, your SIM card can store your contacts for you, making moving your contacts to a new phone as simple as switching out your SIM card. 
The majority of phones sold directly by carriers are going to be SIM (or network) locked to that particular carrier. This means that the phone you purchase from your wireless carrier can only be used on their network. Your SIM card, however, can be used in any unlocked mobile phone.

Buying An Unlocked Cell Phone
At Excell Cell Phones we sell GSM cell phones that are already unlocked and can be readily used on any GSM network that you prefer. Our unlocked cell phones differ from T-Mobile cell phones and AT&T cell phones in that they are not branded by the major carriers and they do not contain the proprietary software that T-Mobile and AT&T install on their GSM cell phones. Whether you plan on using your GSM unlocked cell phone on T-Mobile, AT&T, or another GSM network, your unlocked cell phone purchased from us will be network-ready right out of the box!

When you purchase a GSM unlocked cell phone from us you are purchasing a cell phone that can not only just be used in place of T-Mobile cell phones and AT&T cell phones but it can also be used as an international phone if you are traveling out of the country. With the exception of Asia, and a few other select countries, the majority of the world is on a GSM network – which means that your GSM unlocked cell phones will be able to work in just about any country in the world that you may travel to! Simply purchase a prepaid SIM card in your destination country and pop it into your phone!

Unlocking A Mobile Phone
Unless under a specific contract with a wireless carrier, most mobile phone makers sell many of their models unlocked and ready for use with any SIM or network; the iPhone is one example of an exception. However, if you already own a locked GSM cell phone, and you are looking to have your GSM cell phone unlocked quickly and safely, Excell Cell Phones can help! Several GSM cell phone manufacturers, like Nokia and Samsung, make unlocking your phone as simple as entering in an “unlock code.” Once the code has been entered your phone will be completely unlocked and ready to be used on any GSM network that you prefer.

Other mobile devices, like mobile aircards, can also be unlocked. The procedure to unlock an aircard is a little more complex, since it needs to be connected to your computer, but it is still a fairly simple process.

Whether you are in the market for GSM unlocked cell phones or are looking to unlock your locked GSM cell phones, Excell Cell Phones can help to meet all of your GSM unlocked cell phone needs!