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What Is World Phone

What Is World Phone

What is An International Phone

If you are planning a multi-country trip, or are simply looking for an international phone that will meet all of your needs, it is important to understand what types of phone are considered international phones.


Understanding The Bands

Before you can understand what a true international phone is, you should have a firm idea as to what is meant by dual-band, tri-band, and quad-band phones.

In the USA there are two frequency bands used by the GSM service providers – 850MHz and 1900 MHz. If you plan on only using your phone in the USA then you may find that even a 1900MHz phone will suit your needs.

However, if you plan on taking your phone out of the country – either on vacation or for a business trip – then it is important to ensure that your phone will support the frequency bands offered in the country that you will be visiting. Outside of the USA the GSM frequencies are 900MHz and 1800MHz; while the numbers may appear to be close, it is simply not possible to effectively use a phone suitable for a 1900MHz band on an 1800MHz network.

What Is A Quad Band Phone

A quad band phone is one that will work both on the USA’s frequency bands and on the European (and beyond) frequency bands. A tri band phone, however, is one that will work on a combination of three of the frequencies; for example 900/1800/1900MHz phone will work in the USA on the 1900MHz band and will work as an international phone on the 900 and 1800MHz frequency bands. It is important to note that the three bands offered on tri band mobile phones may vary; so, in order to ensure that you get a world phone that can support all of the frequency bands in the areas that you will be in, it may be a better plan of action to get a quad band phone that will ensure you are connect to all available networks.

A GSM unlocked quad band phone is one that will work on the four frequencies as well as on any available GSM network in the country that you are visiting.

Why Buy A GSM Unlocked Quad Band Phone

With the advances in technology, quad band phones can be readily purchased at rates that can fit just about any budget. If you plan on traveling outside of the USA then you may find yourself needing to purchase a GSM unlocked quad band phone as your primary phone. This can not only ensure that you are ready to travel on short notice (and keep in constant contact with the office and with your family) but this can also help to save you a bit of money when traveling outside of the USA because you will not need to purchase a second phone. You will be able to either use your current SIM card or procure one in the country that you are visiting in order to save on the rate plan.


A GSM unlocked quad band phone is a true international phone that can help you remain in contact with the people who mean the most to you – no matter where you travel to.