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Excelcellphones.com is one of the leading wholesalers of the unlocked cell phones and cell phone accessories that you need! We sell our products, wholesale unlocked cell phones, to mobile phone retailers, mobile phone resellers as well as to other cell phone wholesalers in and outside of the USA. No matter what your needs are for wholesale unlocked GSM cell phones, Excelcellphones.com will be able to meet and exceed those needs with our inventory of wholesale GSM phones and wholesale CDMA cell phones.


Our Reputation
Excelcellphones.com is not just one of the largest sellers of wholesale flashed cricket  phones, but we also have a solid reputation for being reliable with the services that we offer our customers.


Our Wholesale Services
We offer the largest selection in wholesale cell phones; including wholesale Cricket cell phones, and wholesale Metro PCS cell phones. Whether you are looking for wholesale CDMA cell phones or wholesale GSM phones, we will be able to meet your needs with our quick and efficient services.


Our Pricing
Excelcellphones.com can offer you a great deal on your wholesale unlocked cell phone needs; allow us to provide you with excellent customer service while providing you with wholesale GSM unlocked cell phones or wholesale CDMA cell phones that your business needs. The best pricing and the best service; what’s not to like about Excelcellphones.com!


In addition to wholesale Cricket flashed phones and wholesale Metro PCS flashed phones; we offer wholesale iPhones, unlocked Nokia devices, Blackberry’s, and many other wholesale unlocked cell phones.


Shop at Excelcellphones.com for all of your wholesale unlocked cell phones! Do you have a request for wholesale unlocked GSM phones? Are you looking for wholesale Metro PCS flashed phones? Give us a call or send us an email to find out how we can meet your wholesale needs.

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